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Simply put, Borderline Events and Management was started due to our wish and desire to ride our bikes more. We wanted to offer a personal touch with a good service where riders of all levels and abilities were welcome.

Starting in 2007 with simple practice weekends in Wales; often attracting more than 100 riders each day; we progressed to our first event in October of 2008.

Since then, Borderline has run over 20 individual race weekends attracting over 4000 racers. The practice weekends themselves have attracted 1000’s of riders over the years from all abilities and many riders have plucked up the courage to race for the first time after taking part in these weekends.

Since the first race in 2008, Borderline Events has progressed to running several regional Championship Events and the National Championships in 2010 with British Cycling and Welsh Cycling; which are the governing bodies for the sport in England and Wales; having awarded these events. We have also run a number of events north of the border in Scotland and these are overseen and agreed by Scottish Cycling.

2011 saw us enter a new phase for Borderline Events by offering our services to other organisers. We now own our own timing system and, as such, hired this service to the WDMBA (South Wales Race Organisers) who have re-hired us for their 2012 season, which is a fantastic achievement.

In addition to offering our services within our own Downhill Mountain Bike sector, we now also offer our timing services to the All Wheel Drive Club who are very pleased with the service we offer and have successfully timed events for them. They see our timing service as the “very best they have ever had” and this is something we strive to achieve at every event we provide a service for.

If you would like Borderline to provide a service with the same high level of passion and professionalism we strive for at all of our events, get in touch and speak to us today.


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